19 three and four bedroom houses for outright sale in Hambleton, Wyre

M&Y projects - Bluebrook, Hambleton

Bluebrook, Hambleton

This development site was located on a former farmer's field at the end of a residential cul-de-sac. Before work started, we worked with our in-house marketing and communications team to outline communications activity aimed at keeping neighbouring residents updated. The team worked with the site manager to create a monthly newsletter, informing the residents of work that was coming up, anything that would affect them and a contact name and number if they needed to speak to anyone about the construction works.

The land required the removal of large amout of soil before construction works could start. 
Once the soil had been removed, we prepared the ground by installing piling mats and began the installation of new roads and sewer systems from the end of the existing close. A piling rig was brought onto site to drive concrete columns into the ground to form the foundations of the new homes. 

These 19 properties were a mix of three and four bedroom, detached and semi-detached houses built for outright sale. There were seven different house types within this scheme.

Buyers selected finishes off-plan and we carried out work specific to the buyer requirements. All homes benefitted from a driveway or garage and landscaping was carried out to the front and rear of each property. 

living room  dining room

kitchen  bathroom with shower over bath

semi detached houses