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Meet the Team – Abbie Kelly

What is your job title?

New Business and Support Services Manager 

How long have you worked for M&Y Maintenance & Construction?

Feels a lot longer than I have, as I do not ever remember working anywhere else! But I have been here for 2 and a half years.

Tell us about your career to date…

When I joined M&Y, I started out in a Business Support admin role, helping the planning team to schedule all the repairs and issuing jobs to subcontractors. This developed into a specific Supply Chain Officer role where I focused solely on issuing all the jobs to subcontractors and managing the completion of the jobs within the SLA periods. 

Whilst I was in this role, I was asked if I could help put together a bid proposal, as M&Y didn’t have a specific team that looked after all the external opportunities and I had explained in my interview that one of my main strengths was writing. I was really nervous when I was first asked as it wasn’t something I had ever done before, but I also knew it was a great opportunity to learn and didn’t want to turn it down. 

I was reading through some of the previous tenders for a whole day just to get my head around what they looked like and what we had to write about; being only about a year in to working at M&Y, I also had to learn about all the service areas such as construction, that I had not previously been involved in.

That basically was the beginning of my bid writing career - I really am one of those conventional people that are going to say they ‘fell into’ their job! I became M&Y’s bid writer working with the different operations teams to compile tenders and I started to proactively seek out opportunities I thought M&Y may be interested in.

More recently in June 2020, I acquired the admin team in M&Y and expanded it to provide a support service for all workstreams in M&Y and have recruited two new staff members into the team. The team support invoice processing, answering calls from operatives, dealing with customer queries, supporting our QS and Heads of Commercial Services, co-ordinate the defects process for our completed new build schemes and implementing a business wide procurement system. I also continue to fulfil M&Y’s bid writing function. So, very busy, but I am not complaining (well at least not most of the time!) 

What does your role entail and how does this add value to the business?

My role reflects my team - very diverse! I can be doing anything from writing a bid proposal one minute to reviewing outstanding invoices the next. Some days I am in back-to-back meetings looking at defects, new business opportunities and improving processes, whilst, other days I am writing bids all day. Just to give a general, idea some of my main tasks include:

  • Bid writing
  • Using software to identify upcoming new business opportunities 
  • Implementing a procurement software and using it to procure our supply chain
  • Co-ordinating the defects process
  • Supporting our Construction department to gain an ISO accreditation
  • Ensuring M&Y accreditations are up to date, such as FENSA, CHAS and Constructionline 
  • Supporting the day-to-day admin function to run smoothly
  • Ensuring M&Y deliver against social value targets for our clients

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I do love to read and write, so I enjoy writing a bid proposal and seeing it all come together just before it is submitted (even if getting to that point does lead to some hair pulling moments). I also love my team - I have only been managing since June 2020, so I have not managed a team pre-COVID-19. I have never seen my team all together in person, and every team meeting and 121 has been on MS Teams. But nevertheless, we have developed a great working relationship and I feel like we achieve so much every day in supporting the whole business to fulfil its functions, which is what I remind myself and my team if we are ever struggling.

What do you look forward to the most in regards to working at M&Y?

Expanding on my previous answer, I cannot wait until I can get my full team together in person! But until then, we can manage on Teams, as we have done so far. Also, I am looking forward to the growth opportunities, not just for me and my team, but for the organisation as a whole. Being at the forefront of trying to secure these new opportunities and ensuring we have the processes in place to deliver excellent services for new external clients, I am excited to see where M&Y is in the future - even in 5-10 years’ time, what new clients we work with, what new contracts we have won.

Everyone would be lying if they say they look forward to work every day, but even on the stressful days, there will always be a conversation I have had or something we have achieved that makes me smile. That is something I love about M&Y. Jobs can get stressful or frustrating wherever you go, but you can’t find M&Y staff anywhere else and anything can be achieved with the right people supporting you.


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