M&Y partners with Positive Footprints to raise aspirations of local school children | News

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M&Y partners with Positive Footprints to raise aspirations of local school children

M&Y Maintenance and Construction is a 40-year-old business delivering repairs, construction, and maintenance services across the North West. M&Y take pride in having a strategic approach towards supporting the communities in which they operate within and here is how… 

At M&Y Maintenance and Construction we are a commercial business that generates profits for purpose to make a difference to our customers and we have an obligation to support the communities we serve. By living our business values and with the support of our partners, we believe we can make a real difference to those who need it most. 

For every contract delivered, we always pledge to deliver social value initiatives in the neighbourhoods we work in and ensure our pledges generate a difference and long-lasting positive impacts.  

We have partnered with Weaver Vale Housing Trust to deliver Springfield Avenue, a construction project in Helsby, Cheshire. We are pleased to announce that as part of our commitment to the local area, we have funded a 12-month Raising Aspirations Programme, to be delivered by one of our partners, Positive Footprints. The Raising Aspirations programme is designed to give children the skills they need to lead positive lives. It helps children to build resilience, increase confidence, engage with lessons, develop self-belief, develop employability skills, increase self-awareness, raise their aspirations, and open up the world of work. 

The programme will be delivered to 36 children, age 10 and 11 at Weaver Vale Primary School in Frodsham. 

Gill Kelly, Managing Director at M&Y Maintenance and Construction said: “This is a great initiative for M&Y to fund as it allows us to directly support children within the local area develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Positive Footprints are a fantastic organisation, inspiring children to believe in themselves across the North West via their school programmes. As a woman in construction, I am also keen to tackle stereotypes that children form at this age. It is important to inspire more young girls to consider a career in construction so we can increase diversity in the future. We cannot wait to receive some updates from the children about the programme.” 

Lesley Burrows, Managing Director at Positive Footprints said: “Now more than ever it’s so important to be investing in the future of our children. Unfortunately, covid-19 and recent lockdowns is having a detrimental effect on children's education and well-being, particularly the most vulnerable. Despite the majority of schools being closed, and children home learning across the UK, we are still managing to deliver our Raising Aspirations programme with the support of brilliant teachers – the raising aspirations programme will enable our children to learn whilst staying safe at home, and we are delighted to be partnering with M&Y Maintenance and Construction, Weaver Vale Housing Trust and Weaver Vale Primary School to do this.” 

Mr Peter Van Geffen, Headteacher at Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary School said: “In times such that we are going through, it is even more important to give children the tools to recognise and understand their dreams.  We are looking forward to working with Positive Footprints and Weaver Vale Housing Trust in 'raising the future aspirations' of the children in Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary School.” 

Jo Fallon, Assistant Director of Development At Weaver Vale Housing Trust, said: “Weaver Vale is committed to ensuring that our development projects create real benefits locally as part of our aim to create vibrant and sustainable communities. This project comes at a really crucial time as the effects of lockdown measures continue to impact on young people. It’s a great opportunity to engage and inspire local schoolchildren in thinking about their aspirations for the future and how they can achieve them and we’re delighted to be working with our partners to provide our support.”   

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