Regenda people have a mountain to climb for charity | News

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Regenda people have a mountain to climb for charity

A group of Regenda Group employees will don their walking boots this weekend to climb Mount Snowdon, in a bid to raise funds for mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma.

Chasing the Stigma was set up by comedian and writer, Jake Mills, who battled depression in 2013. After months of internal turmoil, Jake attempted to take his own life but was discovered before it was too late and made a full recovery. After opening up about his battle on social media, Jake was inundated with messages from people asking for help and this led him to launch the national mental health awareness charity. 

Recently, The Regenda Group became one of the first organisations to provide mental health awareness training to all its staff. Over 700 employees were enrolled on the Ambassadors of Hope training, which aims to give bitesize learning on the basics of mental health and empowers people to signpost those who may be affected by their mental health, to the appropriate services.

The group of mountaineers will start their ascent up the Pyg Track at 10am on Saturday 3 September, before descending via the Miner’s Track, taking up to six hours to complete the entire challenge.

The Regenda Group is committed to challenging misconceptions and stigmas associated with mental health and encouraging open communications about the challenges we are all likely to face at some time in our lives. As a proud supporter of Chasing the Stigma, we’ve seen what fantastic work they do first-hand, and we’re keen to raise as much money as possible.

If you would like to donate to this cause, please click the link -